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Fracture Care

Sai Orthopaedic fracture care is a premier program, committed to excellence and comprised of highly skilled staff led by renowned orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Vivek Parikh. Located at Sai Orthopaedic Hospital Vadodara, the Fracture Care specializes in treating complex orthopaedic traumas with elite practitioners and state-of-the-art technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sai Orthopaedic hospital, our specialized team will provide expert care and guide patients through each phase of their stay. To know or learn more about the Fracture Care call us at +91 265 2371300 or complete our online request for information form.

To give first aid to any patient having fracture, we would require to understand some basics about fracture and its care. Fracture is a broken or cracked bone and it Occurs when pressure is applied to bone. It Occurs with or without displacement of bone fragments. In order to know more kindly go through the types of fractures in human body.

›› Open fracture: Skin breaks causing open wound
›› Closed fracture: Skin not broken
›› Complicated fractures: Damage of adjacent organs
›› Stress fracture: Hairline crack due to repeated stress
›› Greenstick fracture: In children's flexible bones

After knowing the types of fractures, you should also have an idea about the symptoms of the fracture. When a patient gets fracture in body certain symptoms can be observed e.g.: Severe pain, Difficulty in movement, Swelling or bruising or bleeding, Deformity or abnormal twist of limb, Tenderness on applying pressure...etc.
Know the first-aid for such patients:
Depends on type & location of fracture

For open fractures:

Control bleeding before treatment
Rinse and dress the wound

For open or closed fractures

›› Check the breathing
›› Calm the person
›› Examine for other injuries
›› Immobilize the broken wound
›› Apply ice to reduce pain / swelling
›› Consult a doctor

When you observe a patient is having fracture immediately take him to the orthopaedic hospital and make sure you do not do any of the following with the fractured patient

›› Massage the affected area
›› Straighten the broken bone
›› Move without support to broken bone
›› Move joints above or below the fracture
›› Give oral liquids or food

Prevention is always better than cure so, Wear protective pads or helmets when driving and Teach children or practice, safe habits.