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Industrial Injuries

Many of my patients sustain work related injuries that cause temporary or permanent disability. If your injury happened while you were working as part of your usual job then you are entitled to medical care through their employer as well as recovery of damages for permanent disability stemming from the injury. The process for patients can be very confusing partly because of the legal nature of the claim. The rules and process for workman's compensation claims are cumbersome, but it is important to have a physician with experience in handling the legal aspect of your case and who will be fair in assessing your long term disability. I have extensive experience in handling the legal nature of these claims and routinely perform independent medical evaluations for various carriers and legal firms for an impartial expert opinion on complex cases.

Injuries which are caused by another individual or corporation's negligence. The most common type of case is a personal injury case in which the patient was injured as a result of someone else's actions. Of these, car accidents are the most common but they can also be slip and fall claims.

      Many people are injured as a result of an accident that resulted from another individual’s negligence resulting in a loss.  Many motor vehicle collisions result in injuries that are initially treated by a regional hospital and then patients are discharged.  Unfortunately, many people don’t have health insurance coverage and one of the avenues available to access medical care is through their attorney.  Liens are legal entitlements to future awards if a settlement or judgment is reached on a legal case.  For example, if you are injured as a result of a car accident that is not your fault, you are entitled to receive appropriate medical care related to the accident through the other parties insurance.  Many hospitals and physicians will care for patients with this type of injury by placing a lien (a promise to pay the medical bill from the future award) on the future settlement.

Industrial injuries include accidents at work such as falls or blows to the body. Our surgeons can treat your injuries and provide documentation for workman compensation injuries. Additionally, our staff can teach you how to prevent repetitive workplace injuries.

Prevention is always better than cure so, Wear protective pads or helmets while you are at some risky place at work and practice safe habits to save accidents.