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Spinal Surgery

You may have come across many people complaining of lower back pain and wondering if they will need surgery and if and when and how they should see a orthopaedic physician or surgeon. Well, this depends on numbers of symptoms and considerations regarding when it may be advisable to consult for a spinal surgery.

Let's understand that Spine surgeons are the orthopaedic physicians who have received special training in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases. This includes problems with the neck, mid back and low back. We take pride in saying that India has produced some of the best world renowned Spinal Surgeons. We are always eager to extend a supporting helpful hand to your spinal problems.

The latest techniques like minimally invasive spine surgery, Expandable devices for Lumbar Spine Fusion are routinely carried out with results at par with the best centres globally.

Minimal Invasive spine surgery involves

››     use of very small incisions
››     less normal tissue damage
››     targeted treatment of pathology
››     minimal muscle retraction

The Advantages of the spine surgery are as following:

››     Many surgeries are done under local anesthesia,
        hence surgeries can be done even in patients with high risk of anesthesia.

››     There is less blood loss.
››     Patient can be mobilized very early and he can be back to work faster.
››     It prevents complications associated with prolonged bed rest.
››     minimal morbidity.