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Welcome to Nital aesthetic clinic's beauty care section. All the services falls under beauty care are only for ladies and provided by Mrs. Chitra Dhopte and her team. Mrs. Dhopte is a Beauty Therapist & Cosmetologist. She carries over 17 years of experience. We know that the first impression is the last impression, ten seconds of the first looks creates memory forever, because of the visual impression of a person which includes his or her attire, personality, style and body language. Women have been aware of using this first impression to their advantage since thousands of years, almost by instinct. We know ancient Egyptians and their mysterious Queens used to apply many cosmetics, milk and rose petal baths, fragrances and many other methods to augment their beauty. They used to pay a lot of attention towards their beauty and looks. In result; look more and more beautiful and look young forever, they used to have used essences of flowers to color their lips and have braided their hair in multitude of styles, curled them and colored them in their attempts to improve their beauty. Today, beauty industry is very well developed and organized with many inventions and thousands of cosmetics as its tools and fulfill the dream of any woman to look like a celebrity diva.

We are at Nital aesthetic clinic provides verity of beauty solutions to all our local and NRI customers. We provide packages for all the festival and occasions. Kindly go through services available in Beauty care.

• Salon & Spa Treatment
• Skin Peeling
• Microdermabrassion
• Skin Polishing or glow
• Complexion treatment
• Oxygenation treatment
• Rejuvenating Massage & Cleopatra or Floral Bath
• Hand, Back, Front & Total body polishing
• Nail care program & treatment
• Hair coloring, High Lighting, Perming
• Straightening & Rebounding
• Anti Dandruff & Hair Loss treatment
• Aroma therapy
• Bridal Heena
• Reduction of unwanted hair by laser / IPL
• Bridal Make up
•Non-surgical face lift
• Basic, Advance and Personal grooming, training courses

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Mrs. Chitra Dhopte works with a twopronged approach; she is the beautician and her husband, Dr. Mahendra Dhopte, is the dermatologist and between the two of them, they offer manual and procedural treatments to rectify whatever skin and hair problems a client may be faced with.

Mrs. Dhopte studied the Paranjpye Butic Course, following it up with the CIBTC Diploma, UK. "I do a complete analysis before prescribing a course of action.

For instance, there could be something wrong with the body Internally which is actually causing the skin problem. Unless the internal problem is corrected, the skin problem is not going to disappear," she says.

Nital Aesthetic Clinic
Her successful makeovers for women above 55 have got many daughters gift their mothers sessions with Mrs. Dhopte. Her sprawling parlour has separate self-contained niches for specialised treatments.

"Women are more aware of beauty treatments. Globalisation, media, television soaps and good pay scales among women have enabled an understanding of the value of quality products. In fact, these serials have housewives feeling that they should look after themselves."

Mrs. Dhopte's clientage spans working women to ambitious young girls aiming to be airhostesses, marketing professionals and actors and actresses in the Gujarati film and television industry.

"I always give my clients correct advice. Right diagnosis leads to right treatment and ultimately to the right results," she says.

To know more about on beauty or services we provide; we welcome you for personal visit to any of our clinic mentioned below.

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