What do we do?

We offer consumers the ability to have a set of 4 brand-new, brand-name tires installed on their family vehicles with the flexibility to spread out the acquisition costs over a 3, 6, 9 month or 1 year period.

Are we a finance company?

We are not a finance company, and we do not make any inquiries to credit bureaus for the purpose of approving the rental agreement but we do use such services to verify employment, housing and banking information. We provide a cost effective rent-to-own program in which you can rent your set of new tires now, and acquire ownership of the tires at no additional cost after a 12 month rental term. There is no loan involved.

How do we qualify?

Your steady job, bank or debit card account and proof of ownership of your car is all you need. We do not take a security interest in your car, or hold the title (we are not a title pawn company). If your car is financed at the bank, your installment payments must be current. It’s a very simple and quick process to qualify in a short visit with one of our Service Counselors.

What kind of tires can I get and where can I go?

You can choose any tires offered by our affiliated chain of tire dealers which includes the highest quality tire brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Uniroyal, Firestone, Cooper and many others. The rental cost includes mounting, balancing, installation, manufacturer’s warranty, road hazard benefit and old tire disposal.

How do I pay for the tires, and how long can I have to pay?

You will pay rental payments every two weeks which will be automatically deducted from your bank account or debit card during the term of rental agreement. Once you have satisfactorily completed the rental term, you will own the tires. You will not own the tires unless you complete the rental term (subject to a liberal reinstatement policy which we offer).

Who installs the tires and provides ongoing service?

The tires are installed at any of our affiliated tire dealers. The affiliated tire dealers will provide all future needed services, including free tire rotation and road hazard claims. Installations usually take no more than 30 – 45 minutes, and you can make an appointment for a day and time that best suits you. Once you acquire full ownership of the tires upon the successful completion of the rental term, the manufacturer’s warranty is assigned to you for the life of the tires.

What happens if I don’t continue to make my rental payments?

We have the right, under the rent-to-own agreement, to either remove the tires (which are our property during the rental term) at a site where the car is parked, or have a towing service “boot” the car. In order to have the “boot” removed, you will have to pay for the full rental term and pay for the booting service. You are responsible for returning the tires to us if your car is repossessed or stolen during the term of the rental, or paying us the fair market value of the tires in such instances. Our programs are designed to serve good, honest “everyday people” who expect to meet their obligations and enjoy the flexible payment benefits that we offer. But if you don’t pay and don’t return the tires which belong to us, we can take action to recover our property. Once you choose the brand and mileage rating of the tires you want for your car, your Service Counselor will calculate your periodic rental payment (every 2 weeks for the term of the rental agreement) and this will include balancing, mounting, warranties, old tire disposal fees, our road hazard coverage plan and applicable state use taxes.

How are my rental payments calculated? When do I own my tires?

In addition to a small security deposit, you will make your first two-week rental payment at the time of approval, and will have additional rental payments to make every two weeks thereafter for the term of the rental agreement. Once you have made all rental payments, you will own the tires at no further obligation. You will always make a small security deposit and your first two-week rental payment at the time of approval which will be debited from your bank or debit card account, and all future rental payments will likewise be debited from your bank or debit card account. We will adjust the date of all future periodic payments to fall on your regular paydays for the term of the rental.

Can I pay in cash or by credit card?

In order to be able to offer the lowest costs of a rent-to-own program for sets of brand-new, brand-name tires, we can only serve customers who have bank or debit card accounts and who agree to have us debit the rental payments due every two weeks from their account. If we accepted credit cards, or collected payments in cash, our rental rates would have to be higher. For those customers who have credit cards, our rent-to-own program allows you to keep your “credit line availability” for other needs, and lets you acquire the replacement tires you need for your family car with no credit check, and no reporting of additional debt to the credit bureaus.

What is the typical cost to acquire new tires through your rent-to own Program? How does this compare with retail prices?

The typical periodic rental rate for sets of high quality, brand-new, brand-name tires will run for most customers between $29 to $49, with an average rate of $39 based on a 12 month agreement. The rental rate for a 3, 6 or 9 month term can be at a higher payment. If a customer bought the same tires in a retail tire store, paid with a high interest rate credit card, and made minimum payments on the credit card, that customer would pay more than the cost of our program. We have absolutely the lowest prices against any other comparable automobile tire rent-to-own program, and we beat the costs of most retailers and high credit card interest rates.

What if I need to sell my car before a year is completed?

Our programs are designed for people who will pay for their replacement tires in one year or less. If for any reason you must sell your car within a year before the rental agreement is completed, we can work with you if you notify us in advance. We still own the tires until the rental agreement is completed, and in order to transfer the title to the tires and warranties to the new purchaser of your car, you will need to settle with us, and we can most likely work out a plan that works for you. It is a violation of the rental agreement and applicable laws to leave the tires on the car sold to a third party if you have not completed the one-year rental agreement and acquired ownership of the tires.