Community Development:

Community development is a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the conditions that affect their lives. This does not solve all the problems faced by a local - poor community, but it does build up confidence to tackle such problems as effectively as any local action can. Community development works at the level of local groups and organisations rather than with individuals or families. The range of local groups and organisations representing communities at local level constitutes the community sector.

What impact on community?

  • Community Development takes place both in neighbourhoods and within communities of interest, as people identify what is relevant to them.
  • Community Development is about developing the power, skills, knowledge and experience of people as individuals and in groups, thus enabling them to undertake initiatives of their own to combat social, economic, political and environmental problems, and enabling them to fully participate in a truly democratic process.
  • Community Development is crucially concerned with the issues of powerlessness and disadvantage: as such it should involve all members of society, and offers a practice that is part of a process of social change.
  • Both an occupation (such as a community development worker in a local authority) and a way of working with communities. Its key purpose is to build communities based on justice, equality and mutual respect.
  • Community Development programmeis increases a sense of community ownership and stewardship.
  • Community Development raises cultural opportunities, youth movement, Green space and other productive grass root activities.

Community Development is basically for growing people.

  • Inadequate drinking water,
  • Poor sanitation
  • Infectious Disease, high rise of TB affected
  • High infant mortality
  • Malnutrition