Vanvasi Programme

VANVASI's central focus is the Programme; the objective is to provide support to a dedicated individual – or a group of individuals – who have initiated community development work at the grassroots level, in the remotest of locations. However, in the absence of sustained financial support, they are often compelled to revert to their previous occupations or take up part–time work. The VANVASI Programme is designed to identify and assist such individuals (known as VANVASI Fellows) and groups (sangathans), so they can continue on their chosen path with reduced concerns about supporting themselves and their families.

The uniqueness of VANVASI's Fellowship Program is that its outreach is widespread yet deep-rooted, because it works towards social change through individuals and communities directly at the grassroots. The change is therefore organic and relevant to the ground. A consistent endeavour of VANVASI has been to raise independent funds to supplement resources mobilized by the sangathans.

Collective action, led ably by committed individuals who have the expertise to objectively analyze the ground situation and recognize the factors at play, is critical for effective solutions at the grassroots. This importance of collective social action is the crux of the VANVASI Fellowship Programme; at its heart is the idea of ‘People for Change‘.

The Fellowship Programme supports individual action and people's movements; encouraging local leadership and active participation of karyakartas at all levels within the sangathan, to sustainably carry forward relevant social change at the grass root.