Health Issue:

The health needs of communities are diverse, complex, and constantly changing. It require regular eye on it.
Our organization tried to prevent the avoidable hearing loss on account of disease or injury. And To ensure availability and accessibility of minimum mental health care for all in the foreseeable future, particularly to the most vulnerable and underprivileged sections of population.
We deeply distributed health programme in majorfour categorylike:

  • Rural Health Programme
  • TB and Tobacco cessation outlet
  • Basic and routine check-up outdoors
  • Child and Women vaccine campaign

As per found that in our region major health issue will be for following reasons

  • Inadequate drinking water,
  • Poor sanitation
  • Infectious Disease, high rise of TB affected
  • High infant mortality
  • Malnutrition

Preventing of smoking, drinking of liquors among young people, educating, motivating and assisting them to quit such dangerous invitation disease etc.

Health is like money, we never have true idea of its true value until we lose it.