Chemical Peeling

Chemosurgery is commonly called "chemical peels. It involves using chemicals to treat a number of skin problems such as increased pigmentation on the face or body, superficial scars due to acne and fine wrinkles. Chemical peeling is widely used and misunderstood procedure. We will discuss some frequently asked questions about chemical peels.

What are the chemicals used in chemical peels and at what concentrations?

The trichloroacetic acid (TCA I0% -70%), hydroxy acid (glycolic acid as GA 20% -70%), salicylic (beta hydroxy), phenolic acid (phenol 88%) are the agents most commonly used. Other agents such as acid, lactic acid and resorcinol are also used. There are also standard formulations used for chemosurgery knowledge, Jessner's solution, Baker and resorcinol glue.

What are the problems of skin where chemical peel is useful?

Chemical peel is helpful: melasma skin discoloration, pigmentation (dark circles) as pigmentation due to sun exposure (photo), pregnancy, oral contraceptives, drug reactions, post-inflammatory pigmentation or hyperpigmentation at Following a skin infection or healing.
surface scars as a result of acne, freckles and lentigines, fine lines, enlarged pores.

How is chemical peeling performed?

chemical peel is an administrative procedure. It does not require hospitalization. After properly studying the skin type and sensitivity, the dermatosurgeon decides the type of coat or agents and their concentration. The choice of the chemical agent also depends on the extent and depth of skin lesions. The skin is first cleaned with soapy water to remove excess oil. The peeling agent is then applied gently over the lesion or the entire front to the end point of "is reached. During or shortly after the procedure, the patient may experience a sensation of warmth or tingling for a few minutes. pigmentation persists, the procedure can be repeated after three weeks.

What happens after chemical peel?

After a superficial peel, redness appears and there is peeling of the skin for three to seven days. More than one session may be necessary. In the type of skin on the Indians, superficial and medium depth peel is recommended.
(Reference: Chemosurgery)